2022 - 2023

In-store data analytics

Analyse your physical traffic with as much detail as web analytics.

Improve your retail performance using Retail Analytics.

With more than 70 indicators integrated into one dashboard and the ability to customize KPIs as well as views however you want, Retail Analytics is the solution for your business.


The majority of the business is still made in-store.

Exploiting data from your stores represents one of the keys to optimizing your revenues, your consumer satisfaction and your internal spending.


Retail Market in Europe


Sales made in-store


Increase in Profit


Increase in Productivity

With our comprehensive reports, you will:

1. Understand your physical traffic
2. Improve in-store experience
3. Pilot your staff organisation & performance
4. Measure your marketing activations

We are your sparring partner all along the project


Explore internal use case and important KPIs

Set up

Set up the solution in-store and dashboard


Start the project with an MVP to test and learn


Extend the solution into
your other stores.

Team members involved

Vadim Wichmann

Project Sponsor

Romain Touze

Project Manager

Sumaya Mohamed


Antoine Ruff

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